[:en]I will build 5500 contextual tiered backlinks for SEO ranking[:]


About This Gig

Did you know that backlinks are a MAJOR seo factor? Getting traffic is VITAL for the success of you website. Traffic can be achieved by paid advertising or by SEO Ranking. Paid adverting is expensive so seo is the most affordable and effective way.But SEO ranking has changed a lot in the last year.
You tried sending thousands of links to your site and NEVER moved a place?
That is because the old methods dont work anymore. Now the content of backlinks you build must be related to the keywords you are targeting.
What I will do for you is a 2 Tier Campaign with a total of 5.500 backlinks. It will work like this: Your Website - 500 tier 1 links - 5.000 tier 2 links. So only the tier 1 will point directly to your website while the tier 2 will link to the tier 1. That way the authority passes from a layer to other until it reaches your site. What does tier 1 contain? It contains 500 contextual backlinks that have 400-600 words articles that are manually picked by me and spinned in order to make them niche related. What does tier 2 contain? It contains 5.000 backlinks from various platforms like: web directories, guestbooks, forum profiles, comments, trackbacks etc
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