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[:en]  The 21st century is a significant era in digitization. Like it’s predecessors: Agricultural Revolution 10,000BC, and The Industrial Revolution 1760, The Digital revolution is here and triggered by what is known as the Information age. So what really is the Information age and how does it correlate with present mankind? When the internet was introduced to the world in 1960, frankly, only a very few were enthusiastic. It seemed to everyone like just another magnificent invention to be reserved in a museum. No one ever fathom that it will someday be the engine to success. Luckily, a few companies like AOL, Microsoft, Apple Inc and it’s likes, had foreseen a great world where the internet must be integrated into any business opportunity in other to achieve success, although It is unsure to what length their vision had traveled. There are so many benefits that comes with the new Dawn, as there are disadvantages when mismanaged. However, in this article we will focus on 3 positive and noticeable effects caused by moving online. 1) Online Study: How many had wished to receive more than 24hrs/ day? if only wishes where horses. There are so much activities to do- bathing, eating, sleeping, and these are just the very basics. What about the average employee who needs to advance their skills to climb the career ladder or the students who must first prove their skills worth by providing evidence? It means they must venture further by allocating more time and resources. This is now made simple by an exponential increase in online learning platform. Anyone with a computer or mobile device can register and receive lectures on their own pace and comfort while simultaneously attending to other duties. These platforms vary by course preferences, budget and level of professionalism- it’s a pool of choice. We recommend Coursera, Edx and Udemy because they award highly recognized certificate on completion. Moreover, social media offer free and unlimited source of information on YouTube, LinkedIn and even Twitter (if you are about the current affairs). 2) Online/ Remote Jobs: So, you’ve completed your training and received a certificate as a highly skilled professional- but just one problem, you’ve become so used to the comfort and ease at which you obtained your achievements and you will like to stay online much longer. Is that possible you ask? With the internet, everything is possible. Take a look at the list of jobs available to freelancers and the great news about this list is that it is being updated everyday. The demand in skills like graphic design, web development, finance management/auditing, voice talents, writers, marketers, …the list is endless. If you don’t love the monotonous routine of a 9-5 office job, then you should consider freelancing and what better way to get hired than to stay informed about the latest opening. 3) Online Shopping: We’ve addressed the matter of staying online in order to make a living with financial benefits while increasing one’s career opportunities; if only the advantages of accessing all forms of information could be domesticated. Personally, I had dreamed of a time I will remain fixed on my desk while somehow sorting utility bills and groceries. With online banking, all my bills are paid not to mention services like Jumia, konga and shopmovies who helps in delivering my needs on my doorstep and for sorting trips, travelstart gives the best deals on vacation destinations. Evidently, information is a power tool and is now made available on our finger tip.[:]

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